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AYB Hair Therapy consists of clinically approved ingredients and is both suitable for Men and Women.


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Though some hair loss is normal, when you notice the shedding of more than 100-150 hairs per day, it’s time to take action to prevent hair loss symptoms progressing. You are not alone in your hair loss journey.

We know that people just like you will find the confidence and happiness having healthy and attractive hair. That is why we developed this unique blend of Zinc, Biotin / Vitamin B7/, Niacin / Vitamin B3/, Amaranth,  Iron, Horsetail Extract and Nettle Extract.

AYB Hair Therapy consists of clinically approved ingredients and is both suitable for Men and Women.

  Prevents hair loss

  Strengthens the hair follicles and shaft

  Prevents easy breakage and damage

  Improves circulation in the scalp

  Preserves hair strength, texture and appearance

  Contains hair growth ingredients

  Assist for normal energy-yielding metabolism

  Suitable for both women and men


This is  a trace element in the human body, essential for hair growth. Zinc works to build healthy cells, regulates hormones, and can aid in absorption of other nutrients. This powerful mineral works to change the protein structure of hair follicles.


Low iron level lead to hair thinning and hair loss. It is one of the most common reason for hair loss. Iron levels can fall to dangerously low levels without the person even being aware that they have a problem.

Biotin / Vitamin B7 /

This vitamin can help thicken nail cuticles and prevents damaging hair breakage.

Niacin / Vitamin B3/

The main function of this vitamin is to transform carbs into energy. This powerful mineral helps to spread energy from cells all over the entire body.

Horsetail Extract

The horsetail plant is high in potassium, aluminium, and manganese, which are all minerals that help naturally combat hair loss.

Nettle Extract

Using stinging nettle in your natural hair care routine strengthens the hair follicle, shafts and strands, preventing easy breakage and damage. Nettle also improves circulation in the scalp, thereby ensuring nutrient-rich blood to flow to each and every hair follicle, which strengthens them and promotes healthy, long and luscious hair.


It carries high amount of calcium, iron, phosphorus, and vitamins. The leaves have been found to prevent hair loss and avoid premature greying of hair.

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